Summer madness

August 16th, 2019. Prague, Czech Republic. It is raining, slowly but steady, and between the raindrops some rays of sunshine make their presence left. It is sad and beautiful at the same time. I wish I could go to the beach and enjoy the summer, for as long as it has left this year. IContinue reading “Summer madness”

If you think that GYM is not for you, you need to read this!

Every time I heard this word, I was either skipping it, or did not take it in consideration. It was something I used to avoid in conversations, and maybe I was scared of it..Funny, right? Being scared of the gym (as in the action of going to gym and train yourself, not the place) soundsContinue reading “If you think that GYM is not for you, you need to read this!”

The anatomy of the weekend

Today is Saturday. I am supposed to be out drinking, going to the club, a pub or a bar. Everyone around me is going, is getting drunk and they claim their love for alcohol. But, I am not. For some reason, I never liked alcohol that much. I enjoy an ocasional drink, and by drinkContinue reading “The anatomy of the weekend”