I improved my life by changing the way I perceive things

Over the last few months I had a lot of thoughts and negative feelings towards everything. If something happened in my daily life, I would tent to view the negative part of it. It made me feel angry, nervous, I was affected to the last bit by everything. For example, the metro is 1 minuteContinue reading “I improved my life by changing the way I perceive things”

Are you an introvert?

I am asking this question myself. I feel like I became one in the past few years. I was not one before. What happened with me? How did I become like this? Somehow, I turned from being an extrovert with many friends, to someone who enjoys the quiet of the solitude. I may have socialContinue reading “Are you an introvert?”

If you think that GYM is not for you, you need to read this!

Every time I heard this word, I was either skipping it, or did not take it in consideration. It was something I used to avoid in conversations, and maybe I was scared of it..Funny, right? Being scared of the gym (as in the action of going to gym and train yourself, not the place) soundsContinue reading “If you think that GYM is not for you, you need to read this!”

First steps ~

We are all the same, yet not. You need to follow the patterns, OTHERWISE.. Adults in my life I was told as a child that we are all the same. We can all do the same thing, we can all learn at the same pace and we can become whatever we want. In school weContinue reading “First steps ~”