First steps ~

We are all the same, yet not.

You need to follow the patterns, OTHERWISE..

Adults in my life

I was told as a child that we are all the same. We can all do the same thing, we can all learn at the same pace and we can become whatever we want.

In school we have no worries, we have adults to care of us and our worries. But how do they do that? By implementing words, feelings, thoughts and by showing us how to live and follow their steps. We did not realize that we were not having our own personality and approach on life and daily tasks, but we were stil feeling confortable and familiar doing them.

Why? Because they were setting the patterns, and we were feeling responsible and confortable doing the same thing.

So far, so untrue.. but I was just to young to realize that.

We were not brainwashed, they were just following a procedure, or so I like to believe. They were teaching each generation in the same manner using same techniques, “You need education, you need a job, you need a salary, you need a family, you need to earn an income to support your family”. Yeah, we need a lot of stuff..

So far, so wrong.. but I was also following the procedure.