How am I dealing with the Coronavirus quarantine


It has been 3 weeks since we are in quarantine, and we are stil counting..the next deadline is April 11th. Some people say it will be 1st of May.

But we do not know.

What I know for a fact is that I am lucky enough to have a job and a side job so I can keep myself busy.

Luckily, our company is not affected directly of the situation, and we can keep our jobs and work remotely. Therefore, I still have a 9 to 5 occupation, and outside these hours I am doing some freelancing.

What better time to make an extra income and not go crazy, than to turn this negative situation into a benefit for me?

I am healthy, I am capable of working and I have a goal.

We are bound to stay home and safe , and I fully respect this situation, I am only going out to buy food and supplies when needed.

I have divided my weekly hours and this is how I spend them :

56 H – sleep

40 H – full time job

22 H – freelancing

9 H – cooking

10 H – self care / grooming / bathroom / bath / morning / night routine

2 H – cleaning

Total : 139 Hours ( OUT OF 168 )


That leaves me with 29 hours / week to relax. (4.1 H each day).

How are you guys dealing with the quarantine ? Do you have a schedule to follow ?

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