New years resolutions ?

New year , new meA millennial

Despite the fact that I dislike hearing these 3 words ” New years resolutions ” , I have to admit that I also have new resolutions and goals for the new year.

If there is one thing which I learned in the journey called life , that is “if you have a goal, a wish, a cause or a problem to solve, DO NOT WAIT UNTIL NEXT MONTH/WEEK/YEAR. DO IT NOW.

It is 10 PM and you are almost going to bed? That is not an excuse.

When you have a goal, start it from that moment. Why the necessity of waiting? Work from the moment you set it or make the preparations and start it. Make it work.

Here are my TOP 10 goals for 2020:

  • Work in an animal shelter / donate a part of my time doing charities and helping good causes.
  • Travel – I have set 2 destinations for 2020 , which I will visit for sure and these are : London and Athens. I want to focus on these 2 at least, and if there is an occasion to visit some other countries, I will take it/them.
  • Start a new hobbypainting / meditating / video-gaming / tennis / swimming / outdoors exploring
  • Minimalist living / Simple living – I have a bad habit of buying and taking a lot of objects that I do not need. Either clothes , house decorations , gadgets etc.. I take them. All. I am a hoarder. HELP!
  • Replacing processed sugar with natural sweeteners – I am already replacing the sugar I put in coffee and tea with honey, and hopefully I can do it with everything else.
  • Eat less chips. Some people love chocolate, need chocolate, but for me it is the chips. I do not like chocolate, but I love chips. I prefer salt over sweet.
  • Make more friends – I tend to shut people down and I am not open to making new connections.
  • Body transformation – I am already going to gym, but the results are yet to appear, for now.
  • Eliminate stress and overthinking – of everything. I don’t need to analyze everything in detail. Shit happens.
  • Spend money only on necessities – food, bills, rent, utilities, coffee etc.

I have more, but these are the most important.

What are your new year resolutions?

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