Millenial morning routine

not my cup of coffee

I was questioning if I should write about this or not, because it might just be something typical that everyone can relate to, but then I read this thought in my mind again.. “Because it might be something typical and everyone can relate”.

Perfect , I guess..or let’s discover.

In the past few months I have been so absorbed to technology and everything related to the online. that my morning has changed drasctically because of this.

First thing I do when I wake up is check the phone.

If I have an alarm set, first thing I do is stop it, because it is more annoying letting it ring when I want to either check something, or my phone is not close to me. So, I have to reach it first, then to stop it.

A lot of work , right ? Nope, but it just feels like.

After I check my phone (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, emails, sometimes even check the work email, even on the weekend), I get up , I drink a cup of water and finally go to toilet and bathroom.

I wash my face and if I want to have breakfast or coffee right away, I do not brush my teeth, because you know..I do not want to spoil the taste of fresh coffee or food.

So, I have my breakfast (depending on what I have in fridge, I just prepare something fast, or if I have my bluetooth headphones on, then I can prepare something that requires more time). I enjoy checking my phone and sending a message in between preparing the table and the food.

Depending on the mood, I have coffee first and then breakfast, but I try to make an effort and do it the other way : breakfast, then coffee.

I enjoy the coffee the most when I am either in front of my laptop or with my phone, because I can get myself lost in the digital world.

I am trying to work on a system here “_”

I wash my dishes, I clean the table and everything that I used, and then I get to the brushing part. I brush my teeth , finally (yay) !

Now I can start my day.

This is basically my morning routine on a working day.

Not great, not terrible, average maybe ?

But what I want to point out here is that I use technology to much and I rely on it for everything and in every moment of the day. Whenever I see the pictures people post on Facebook with how technology is making us blind to the real world, all I do is agree with it, sometimes give it a like, but I do not take action.

What do you think of my morning routine?

Are you doing something different?
If you are, can you please share it with us?

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