I improved my life by changing the way I perceive things

Over the last few months I had a lot of thoughts and negative feelings towards everything. If something happened in my daily life, I would tent to view the negative part of it. It made me feel angry, nervous, I was affected to the last bit by everything.

For example, the metro is 1 minute late and I might miss the bus that leaves at 9:10. Might! Even though it did not happen, just the thought of possibly losing the bus and wait 5 to 8 more minutes would get me angry, nervous, change my mood. It was extreme. One minute I was happy, then the next one I was upset. And for no real reason. Even if I take the next bus, I can stil make it in time to the meeting, and I am conscious about it. Yet, somehow, I do not want to believe that.

We tend to focus more on the negative things and we let the feelings get control over our mood and perception. I have read that when you get stressed and upset over something, it makes you more tired and takes away a lot of your energy. This explains it! I have dark circles that do not go away despite the fact that I sleep 7 to 9 hours per night.

If it sunny and hot, I sweat and I do not like it. If the weather is cold, I hate it. In between is ok’ish, yet I do not reach that confort that I require to get me into a good mood. Why?

It took me a long time to realize that these things are the least worries I should have in life. Why not focus more on being productive and active?

Reading helped me improve the quality of my life. I took a step back and started focusing on nothing else, but myself.

So I asked myself : What do you like? Enjoy? What makes you happy? What are your interests? What do you want to change about yourself? How can you become happier?

That was the moment I started to change. Now I do not wait for the day to pass without doing anything productive, but instead I feel like I do not have enough time. Now, the hours pass so fast that I do not realize how precious these moments are.

Can we have a day that lasts for 30 hours?

One of the biggest contributers to my mood changes are the people I surround myself with. The more negative people I have next to me, the more I tend to take that in, and explore it to the maximum. I was told to treat people the same way they treat me. But they treat me nice. The negativity in them comes from other stuff. They do not like the weather, food, a movie, someone’s response etc..there can be multiple reasons. I was also exactly the same..To some extent, I stil am. But I am working on it and indeed it gets better.


Simply because I realize that you cannot change other people’s beliefs, I cannot control the weather, we all have different opinions and because everything happens for a reason.

That was the phrase I needed the most a few years ago when my life was not going as planned.

Everything happens for a reason!

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