Summer madness

August 16th, 2019. Prague, Czech Republic.

It is raining, slowly but steady, and between the raindrops some rays of sunshine make their presence left. It is sad and beautiful at the same time.

I wish I could go to the beach and enjoy the summer, for as long as it has left this year. I want the hot and sunny weather back, but instead there are 19 degrees outside and it feels like autumn.. I left home wearing a t-shirt and I felt the need to put on a jacket. Outside, everyone is wearing a light jacket and they have their umbrellas ready.

I run to the metro station to avoid getting drenched, but I just fail. I wear my Puma sneackers which are not waterproof, and it only takes a few seconds until I feel my socks getting wet.

Great. One full day at work with wet socks.

Nope. Luckily, I had my gym bag with me, because I plan on going there after I finish work, and I have a spare pair of socks, and shoes.

My day is not ruined.

I have noticed that ever since I changed the way I think, I become less stressed and the universe is on my side. Haha!

No, but really..Now I do not focus on the negative sides of things, and I just get for granted everything that is happening with me and my surroundings. It is such a big improvement on my state of mind and my vibe.

Good vibes only!

It is raining and it is chilly..I do not get to go the beach, or lay in the sun, but I can be productive. I have a full day of work where I can give my best, and after that I get to go the gym.

Then maybe I can cook something or go out to eat. Sounds good either way.

I stopped seeing summer like a continous vacation after I finished highschool, and now it is just that time of the year where we wear light clothes, spend all day and night out, chill on the beach/park/hill etc.. It is the best time to start new things in life, apparently. But, I can do that in winter as well. The only difference is the weather.

What I wish to experience one more time is a vacation in the countryside. With my brother I used to go to my grandparents house in the countryside, in a small village where everything is surrounded by nature.

We had the best time there, we were playing outside all day and we had no worries in life. No rent, job, school, daily tasks to care about. Just us and the nature.. now my grandparents left this world, and the house which holds our memories is empty. Maybe it awaits a new beggining.

Only time will tell.

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