If you think that GYM is not for you, you need to read this!

Every time I heard this word, I was either skipping it, or did not take it in consideration. It was something I used to avoid in conversations, and maybe I was scared of it..Funny, right?

Being scared of the gym (as in the action of going to gym and train yourself, not the place) sounds funny, but it sort of applied to me.

I have no idea why, or how I ended up like this, but it just happened. My best friends were going to the gym, in the first year of highschool, but me. All of them trained during one summer, and I was not there. I was maybe afraid that people will make fun of me for being skinny and maybe not being able to lift. I was anxious thinking about other people there (complete strangers) who might judge me. Judge me for what though? (Alex from present is asking).

It is not like I would ever meet them or spend any time with them. They had no power against me, and their words have no value. Have? Had?

Why did I not think of this ealier? Why did I miss that experience?

Why, why, why?

We tend to judge other people based on how they are dressed, on how they look, on what they do, even though it is not our business. We are not supposed to have an opinion on how other people are dressed, or about their appearances. Right?

But we do..Somehow we feel better when we see someone fail, make fun of themselves without even realizing. This is wrong!

This was implemented in my mind from the moment I started going to school, despite the young age. That is why I was afraid to go to the gym.

Not because I was skinny or did not have any knowledge on how everything works there. But because someone might laugh at me or point something funny about me.

I hope no one in the present thinks like this, wether they are in their teen years , 20s, 30s, 40s, etc.

No one is bodyshaming you in the gym. You will be surprised to see how many nice people you might encounter. I had cases when someone would come up to me and correct me or give me advice on an excercise, without me asking or paying them. They were just being nice.

Today, I cannot wait to go the gym. It became something important and fun for me. Although I started only a few months ago, I can definitely feel the difference. It changed my mood, and slowly is starting to change my body as well.

First time going to the gym? Here is my advice.

Watch some videos on the internet, on youtube for example. Nowadays you can find all types of excercises for every part of the body : arms, chest, back, butt, legs, abs. Having a little information would definitely benefit you.

Then, just pack your gym equipment (pants, t-shirt and shoes), a bottle of water and 2 towels, and you are set to go. Most gyms have their own showers, which is a great plus because you workout before/after school/work without having to waste more time taking one more trip home.

For me it is convenient to take a big bag, pack what I need, and I am set for a few hours.

Then, there is the second option. You can hire a trainer.

Most gyms have their own trainers and you hire them for a session (1 hour). They will prepare each excercise and all you have to do is follow what they tell you to do. They are watching every excercise, set, repetition you do and correct you, if needed. Some of them even have their own meal plans or they can personalize one for you. You pay extra for that meal plan, but it only depends on what you want from the trainer.

Note that the sessions are not cheap, some of them are quite expensive, it all depends on the price the trainer sets. You can find their contacts in the reception of the gym. Just choose according to your budget.

Third method? Go with a friend, or someone you know that frequents the gym.

I don’t know if I should recommend this method, because I am not doing it. I don’t like it, because I feel like I waste more time training with someone and I lose some of the focus.

But I know a lot of people who go to the gym together and they like it. I guess it is different for everyone. Having someone next to you correct or watch your execution is definitely important. You can do some mistakes that might affect yourbody. Execution is important indeed.

One of the most important advices, from me, is to always keep your back straight!

Gym is healthy, it gives you good posture and somehow it makes you adopt a healthier lifestyle. So this is a winning situation for everyone.


Good day!

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