The anatomy of the weekend

Today is Saturday. I am supposed to be out drinking, going to the club, a pub or a bar. Everyone around me is going, is getting drunk and they claim their love for alcohol.

But, I am not.

For some reason, I never liked alcohol that much. I enjoy an ocasional drink, and by drink I mean beer, or gin. And in smaller quantities. I cannot drink more than 5 or 6 beers durink an outing of 6-7 hours.

I never mix alcohol because it gets me in a bad mood and I feel sick. And sometimes, I throw up.. wisky, vodka, tequila.

I love the feeling of freedom alcohol gives me. I am an introvert, but with some alcohol on board I tend to be more open and vocal. I make a bad impression when I meet new people, because I am honest and I tell others my objective point of view. But when I am drunk, I do the same, yet the result is different. People like me more in this state, they approach me more and like to hang out with me.

How did the weekend turn into this alcohol fest? When we were kids, teens we would just hang out, play a few games, go out during the day and explore.

Now, the custom is that we only hang out at night, go for a beer, a club or a pub.

But instead, I am in my room, writting a few words, drinking a glass of Cola and listening to music. And I am satisfied with this. My weekend is not ruined, it is actually fun and I did not have once ounce of alcohol in my body.

I was invited to go for a few drinks today and then go to a club. I like the company, they are nice people, but my frenemy is there (alcohol). I feel bad when I go out and everyone else is drinking, and I drink Cola, or worst..water!! And not to mention, everything costs money, and here, in an European capital, everything is expensive.

What happened to the weekends where we would just gather at someone’s place and had the best time just by playing some board games and talk?

Monopoly, Activity, Scramble, Uno.

This is my weekend now :

– wake up around 9/10

-skip washing my teeth, just wash face and body

-drink a coffee while I check my messages and e-mails

– go to the gym for an hour

– buy groceries (only for the cases where I do not have what I need at home)

– go out for a coffee or beer, meet some friends

– cook some food for the night and the next day

– watch some Netflix or HBO GO / go to a bar, then to a club

– go to bed at 1/2 am / come back home drunk in the morning, and go to sleep at 5/6 am

There are cases when I just stay at home and watch some movies, or I go to the bar and then the club so here the Saturday night differs, at least on the ending.

Notice how many time I am mentioning alcohol, primarily beer? I said I do not like alcohol, but, to be a part of this society and to keep the appearances, I have to have it. I will call it a necessary evil in proper quantities.

This is a day of my weekend now, as a young adult.

How do you spend your weekend?

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