What exactly is a millenial ?

A person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century.Google

Ok. So we are the young leading generation , also known as millenials. We are the ones in charge of changing the future of the politics, economy, research, development, agriculture, technology.

We are the generation Y ( Gen Y ). Basically, we are born between the early ’80’s and early 2000s. One thing that defines us is the Information Age.

Information Age, also known as Computer Age is a historic period defined by the rapid growth of technology and industry. Access to information was at a few click away, the digital world was being born and a digital revolution was happening. The internet !

Information storage was no longer limited to notes in a book, notebooks and paper words. We were experiencing Data storage , CD-ROM and Floppy Disks.

Even though at first they were created for information and research purpose, Compact Disks (CD) and Floppy Disks were also being used for data storage, driver updates and things that defined our childhood ( music , movies , games). It was so easy to have access to a game just by inserting a cd or floppy into your computer and exchange music or movies with friends.

Games, computers, floppy disks, CDs, music, movies, digital books… Sounds great right?

Not really..

I noticed a slight change in my early years. Having access to all these new and exciting were making me pay less attention to the real world. I was not spending that much time outside with my real friends. I made new friends now. I had the programs , games and the music and I felt completed.

I did not suffer of boredom, I did not care of the games we played outside until the sun was down..I did not enjoy going to the beach anymore, despite living close to it (10 – 15 minutes distance).

Why ? Why was this happening? Because the digitalized era was taking a tool on me. And not only me, but everyone else with access to the new technology.

And you know what I regret the most?

I cannot take back those years or change anything. All the hours I spend in front of the computer, not caring for my childhood and what I could have done. I keep noticing the past tense used in the phrase, and it is upsetting.

“Please childhood come back, I want to enjoy you just for a little more time..I am not ready to leave you behind.” – Alex, the millenial.

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