Unfit introduction

My name is Alexander. I prefer the shorter version “Alex”

I grew up in Romania, in a normal loving family. Since I was a child, I felt like maybe I do not always belong to the same category everyone was part of. I did not have the same thoughts and whenever there was something new, I was intrigued. I wanted more.

More knowledge, more information, more and more.

  • The purpose of this journal is to have something to leave behind, some words, that maybe in time I will forget.
  • We all forget, and I see myself losing little memories that were important to me. They made my day better, they make me feel better and put a smile on my face.
  • I want to share and relate to everyone who is here, because indeed I am a human being and I need feelings.
  • I need to feel alive, I want to learn, I long for sensations and I care for feelings.

Let’s grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the opportunities life gives us.

A few words about me

I enjoy drinking coffee. It is my number one addiction and I cannot live or start my day without it.

After a little caffeine, I like to take both small and long walks in parks, outdoor spaces, explore them and ocasionally climb on rocks.

I recently started gym and I am trying to change my lifestyle, as I tend to just sit and relax whenever I have free time.

What do you enjoy doing?

Have you tried something new in the past few months?

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I write experiences

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