How am I dealing with the Coronavirus quarantine


It has been 3 weeks since we are in quarantine, and we are stil counting..the next deadline is April 11th. Some people say it will be 1st of May.

But we do not know.

What I know for a fact is that I am lucky enough to have a job and a side job so I can keep myself busy.

Luckily, our company is not affected directly of the situation, and we can keep our jobs and work remotely. Therefore, I still have a 9 to 5 occupation, and outside these hours I am doing some freelancing.

What better time to make an extra income and not go crazy, than to turn this negative situation into a benefit for me?

I am healthy, I am capable of working and I have a goal.

We are bound to stay home and safe , and I fully respect this situation, I am only going out to buy food and supplies when needed.

I have divided my weekly hours and this is how I spend them :

56 H – sleep

40 H – full time job

22 H – freelancing

9 H – cooking

10 H – self care / grooming / bathroom / bath / morning / night routine

2 H – cleaning

Total : 139 Hours ( OUT OF 168 )


That leaves me with 29 hours / week to relax. (4.1 H each day).

How are you guys dealing with the quarantine ? Do you have a schedule to follow ?


New years resolutions ?

New year , new meA millennial

Despite the fact that I dislike hearing these 3 words ” New years resolutions ” , I have to admit that I also have new resolutions and goals for the new year.

If there is one thing which I learned in the journey called life , that is “if you have a goal, a wish, a cause or a problem to solve, DO NOT WAIT UNTIL NEXT MONTH/WEEK/YEAR. DO IT NOW.

It is 10 PM and you are almost going to bed? That is not an excuse.

When you have a goal, start it from that moment. Why the necessity of waiting? Work from the moment you set it or make the preparations and start it. Make it work.

Here are my TOP 10 goals for 2020:

  • Work in an animal shelter / donate a part of my time doing charities and helping good causes.
  • Travel – I have set 2 destinations for 2020 , which I will visit for sure and these are : London and Athens. I want to focus on these 2 at least, and if there is an occasion to visit some other countries, I will take it/them.
  • Start a new hobbypainting / meditating / video-gaming / tennis / swimming / outdoors exploring
  • Minimalist living / Simple living – I have a bad habit of buying and taking a lot of objects that I do not need. Either clothes , house decorations , gadgets etc.. I take them. All. I am a hoarder. HELP!
  • Replacing processed sugar with natural sweeteners – I am already replacing the sugar I put in coffee and tea with honey, and hopefully I can do it with everything else.
  • Eat less chips. Some people love chocolate, need chocolate, but for me it is the chips. I do not like chocolate, but I love chips. I prefer salt over sweet.
  • Make more friends – I tend to shut people down and I am not open to making new connections.
  • Body transformation – I am already going to gym, but the results are yet to appear, for now.
  • Eliminate stress and overthinking – of everything. I don’t need to analyze everything in detail. Shit happens.
  • Spend money only on necessities – food, bills, rent, utilities, coffee etc.

I have more, but these are the most important.

What are your new year resolutions?


Millenial morning routine

not my cup of coffee

I was questioning if I should write about this or not, because it might just be something typical that everyone can relate to, but then I read this thought in my mind again.. “Because it might be something typical and everyone can relate”.

Perfect , I guess..or let’s discover.

In the past few months I have been so absorbed to technology and everything related to the online. that my morning has changed drasctically because of this.

First thing I do when I wake up is check the phone.

If I have an alarm set, first thing I do is stop it, because it is more annoying letting it ring when I want to either check something, or my phone is not close to me. So, I have to reach it first, then to stop it.

A lot of work , right ? Nope, but it just feels like.

After I check my phone (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, emails, sometimes even check the work email, even on the weekend), I get up , I drink a cup of water and finally go to toilet and bathroom.

I wash my face and if I want to have breakfast or coffee right away, I do not brush my teeth, because you know..I do not want to spoil the taste of fresh coffee or food.

So, I have my breakfast (depending on what I have in fridge, I just prepare something fast, or if I have my bluetooth headphones on, then I can prepare something that requires more time). I enjoy checking my phone and sending a message in between preparing the table and the food.

Depending on the mood, I have coffee first and then breakfast, but I try to make an effort and do it the other way : breakfast, then coffee.

I enjoy the coffee the most when I am either in front of my laptop or with my phone, because I can get myself lost in the digital world.

I am trying to work on a system here “_”

I wash my dishes, I clean the table and everything that I used, and then I get to the brushing part. I brush my teeth , finally (yay) !

Now I can start my day.

This is basically my morning routine on a working day.

Not great, not terrible, average maybe ?

But what I want to point out here is that I use technology to much and I rely on it for everything and in every moment of the day. Whenever I see the pictures people post on Facebook with how technology is making us blind to the real world, all I do is agree with it, sometimes give it a like, but I do not take action.

What do you think of my morning routine?

Are you doing something different?
If you are, can you please share it with us?

I improved my life by changing the way I perceive things

Over the last few months I had a lot of thoughts and negative feelings towards everything. If something happened in my daily life, I would tent to view the negative part of it. It made me feel angry, nervous, I was affected to the last bit by everything.

For example, the metro is 1 minute late and I might miss the bus that leaves at 9:10. Might! Even though it did not happen, just the thought of possibly losing the bus and wait 5 to 8 more minutes would get me angry, nervous, change my mood. It was extreme. One minute I was happy, then the next one I was upset. And for no real reason. Even if I take the next bus, I can stil make it in time to the meeting, and I am conscious about it. Yet, somehow, I do not want to believe that.

We tend to focus more on the negative things and we let the feelings get control over our mood and perception. I have read that when you get stressed and upset over something, it makes you more tired and takes away a lot of your energy. This explains it! I have dark circles that do not go away despite the fact that I sleep 7 to 9 hours per night.

If it sunny and hot, I sweat and I do not like it. If the weather is cold, I hate it. In between is ok’ish, yet I do not reach that confort that I require to get me into a good mood. Why?

It took me a long time to realize that these things are the least worries I should have in life. Why not focus more on being productive and active?

Reading helped me improve the quality of my life. I took a step back and started focusing on nothing else, but myself.

So I asked myself : What do you like? Enjoy? What makes you happy? What are your interests? What do you want to change about yourself? How can you become happier?

That was the moment I started to change. Now I do not wait for the day to pass without doing anything productive, but instead I feel like I do not have enough time. Now, the hours pass so fast that I do not realize how precious these moments are.

Can we have a day that lasts for 30 hours?

One of the biggest contributers to my mood changes are the people I surround myself with. The more negative people I have next to me, the more I tend to take that in, and explore it to the maximum. I was told to treat people the same way they treat me. But they treat me nice. The negativity in them comes from other stuff. They do not like the weather, food, a movie, someone’s response etc..there can be multiple reasons. I was also exactly the same..To some extent, I stil am. But I am working on it and indeed it gets better.


Simply because I realize that you cannot change other people’s beliefs, I cannot control the weather, we all have different opinions and because everything happens for a reason.

That was the phrase I needed the most a few years ago when my life was not going as planned.

Everything happens for a reason!

Are you an introvert?

I am asking this question myself. I feel like I became one in the past few years. I was not one before.

What happened with me?

How did I become like this?

Somehow, I turned from being an extrovert with many friends, to someone who enjoys the quiet of the solitude. I may have social anxiety, I may dislike being surrounded by many people, I may hate when I am the subject of the talk while in a group conversation. I feel like I shut myself down for no reason. I KNOW I am fun and funny, with good sense of humor and positive vibes. I am sure that I can entertain the one/s around me and I agree that I am not boring.

While the second part is engraved in my mind, on the outside I am the introvert. The one who is serious and does not open about anything. I can blame society, family, friends, classmates or co-workers..but they are not the reason. I am! It is my fault.

The worst part is that I see people taking an interest in me, either asking questions or information, and I just shut them down. I do not reveal anything, I avoid the conversation and the long eye stare. I know they want to be friendly and devellop a friendship of some sort, but I am unable to continue and accept it.

I am friendly, I am cool, I am fun. On the inside.

Finding myself in this situation is the worst, because not only gives me a bad vibe, but it also makes me more tired and gets me out of my confort zone. My confort zone is me, alone, with my thoughts where I feel safe and where no one can hurt me philysically and emotionally. I don’t think I am a vulnerable person, yet I somehow feel weak in front of other people’s words. They may not be my close friends, nor people I regularely hang out with, yet I sense that they some power to hurt me. But I ask myself..What can they tell me that will make me feel so bad ?

I am smart, I have a career, I make a good living, I go out, I socialize, I travel, I don’t have a girlfriend, I am brutally honest, I tend to shut people down, I do not accept friendships so easily, I…I..woops.

I only befriend people who make me feel good, have a good vibe or can be of use in different situations. Yet, I offer nothing in exchange, but my gratitude. And, unfortunatelly, I am grateful only on the inside. I do not say it, I do not make it felt and it just passes. Then I am left with a regret.

I am sorry for not being better and for not being able to express myself. I enjoy your company and friendship and I give my best to have a good time. With you, with me, with them.

Summer madness

August 16th, 2019. Prague, Czech Republic.

It is raining, slowly but steady, and between the raindrops some rays of sunshine make their presence left. It is sad and beautiful at the same time.

I wish I could go to the beach and enjoy the summer, for as long as it has left this year. I want the hot and sunny weather back, but instead there are 19 degrees outside and it feels like autumn.. I left home wearing a t-shirt and I felt the need to put on a jacket. Outside, everyone is wearing a light jacket and they have their umbrellas ready.

I run to the metro station to avoid getting drenched, but I just fail. I wear my Puma sneackers which are not waterproof, and it only takes a few seconds until I feel my socks getting wet.

Great. One full day at work with wet socks.

Nope. Luckily, I had my gym bag with me, because I plan on going there after I finish work, and I have a spare pair of socks, and shoes.

My day is not ruined.

I have noticed that ever since I changed the way I think, I become less stressed and the universe is on my side. Haha!

No, but really..Now I do not focus on the negative sides of things, and I just get for granted everything that is happening with me and my surroundings. It is such a big improvement on my state of mind and my vibe.

Good vibes only!

It is raining and it is chilly..I do not get to go the beach, or lay in the sun, but I can be productive. I have a full day of work where I can give my best, and after that I get to go the gym.

Then maybe I can cook something or go out to eat. Sounds good either way.

I stopped seeing summer like a continous vacation after I finished highschool, and now it is just that time of the year where we wear light clothes, spend all day and night out, chill on the beach/park/hill etc.. It is the best time to start new things in life, apparently. But, I can do that in winter as well. The only difference is the weather.

What I wish to experience one more time is a vacation in the countryside. With my brother I used to go to my grandparents house in the countryside, in a small village where everything is surrounded by nature.

We had the best time there, we were playing outside all day and we had no worries in life. No rent, job, school, daily tasks to care about. Just us and the nature.. now my grandparents left this world, and the house which holds our memories is empty. Maybe it awaits a new beggining.

Only time will tell.

If you think that GYM is not for you, you need to read this!

Every time I heard this word, I was either skipping it, or did not take it in consideration. It was something I used to avoid in conversations, and maybe I was scared of it..Funny, right?

Being scared of the gym (as in the action of going to gym and train yourself, not the place) sounds funny, but it sort of applied to me.

I have no idea why, or how I ended up like this, but it just happened. My best friends were going to the gym, in the first year of highschool, but me. All of them trained during one summer, and I was not there. I was maybe afraid that people will make fun of me for being skinny and maybe not being able to lift. I was anxious thinking about other people there (complete strangers) who might judge me. Judge me for what though? (Alex from present is asking).

It is not like I would ever meet them or spend any time with them. They had no power against me, and their words have no value. Have? Had?

Why did I not think of this ealier? Why did I miss that experience?

Why, why, why?

We tend to judge other people based on how they are dressed, on how they look, on what they do, even though it is not our business. We are not supposed to have an opinion on how other people are dressed, or about their appearances. Right?

But we do..Somehow we feel better when we see someone fail, make fun of themselves without even realizing. This is wrong!

This was implemented in my mind from the moment I started going to school, despite the young age. That is why I was afraid to go to the gym.

Not because I was skinny or did not have any knowledge on how everything works there. But because someone might laugh at me or point something funny about me.

I hope no one in the present thinks like this, wether they are in their teen years , 20s, 30s, 40s, etc.

No one is bodyshaming you in the gym. You will be surprised to see how many nice people you might encounter. I had cases when someone would come up to me and correct me or give me advice on an excercise, without me asking or paying them. They were just being nice.

Today, I cannot wait to go the gym. It became something important and fun for me. Although I started only a few months ago, I can definitely feel the difference. It changed my mood, and slowly is starting to change my body as well.

First time going to the gym? Here is my advice.

Watch some videos on the internet, on youtube for example. Nowadays you can find all types of excercises for every part of the body : arms, chest, back, butt, legs, abs. Having a little information would definitely benefit you.

Then, just pack your gym equipment (pants, t-shirt and shoes), a bottle of water and 2 towels, and you are set to go. Most gyms have their own showers, which is a great plus because you workout before/after school/work without having to waste more time taking one more trip home.

For me it is convenient to take a big bag, pack what I need, and I am set for a few hours.

Then, there is the second option. You can hire a trainer.

Most gyms have their own trainers and you hire them for a session (1 hour). They will prepare each excercise and all you have to do is follow what they tell you to do. They are watching every excercise, set, repetition you do and correct you, if needed. Some of them even have their own meal plans or they can personalize one for you. You pay extra for that meal plan, but it only depends on what you want from the trainer.

Note that the sessions are not cheap, some of them are quite expensive, it all depends on the price the trainer sets. You can find their contacts in the reception of the gym. Just choose according to your budget.

Third method? Go with a friend, or someone you know that frequents the gym.

I don’t know if I should recommend this method, because I am not doing it. I don’t like it, because I feel like I waste more time training with someone and I lose some of the focus.

But I know a lot of people who go to the gym together and they like it. I guess it is different for everyone. Having someone next to you correct or watch your execution is definitely important. You can do some mistakes that might affect yourbody. Execution is important indeed.

One of the most important advices, from me, is to always keep your back straight!

Gym is healthy, it gives you good posture and somehow it makes you adopt a healthier lifestyle. So this is a winning situation for everyone.


Good day!

The anatomy of the weekend

Today is Saturday. I am supposed to be out drinking, going to the club, a pub or a bar. Everyone around me is going, is getting drunk and they claim their love for alcohol.

But, I am not.

For some reason, I never liked alcohol that much. I enjoy an ocasional drink, and by drink I mean beer, or gin. And in smaller quantities. I cannot drink more than 5 or 6 beers durink an outing of 6-7 hours.

I never mix alcohol because it gets me in a bad mood and I feel sick. And sometimes, I throw up.. wisky, vodka, tequila.

I love the feeling of freedom alcohol gives me. I am an introvert, but with some alcohol on board I tend to be more open and vocal. I make a bad impression when I meet new people, because I am honest and I tell others my objective point of view. But when I am drunk, I do the same, yet the result is different. People like me more in this state, they approach me more and like to hang out with me.

How did the weekend turn into this alcohol fest? When we were kids, teens we would just hang out, play a few games, go out during the day and explore.

Now, the custom is that we only hang out at night, go for a beer, a club or a pub.

But instead, I am in my room, writting a few words, drinking a glass of Cola and listening to music. And I am satisfied with this. My weekend is not ruined, it is actually fun and I did not have once ounce of alcohol in my body.

I was invited to go for a few drinks today and then go to a club. I like the company, they are nice people, but my frenemy is there (alcohol). I feel bad when I go out and everyone else is drinking, and I drink Cola, or worst..water!! And not to mention, everything costs money, and here, in an European capital, everything is expensive.

What happened to the weekends where we would just gather at someone’s place and had the best time just by playing some board games and talk?

Monopoly, Activity, Scramble, Uno.

This is my weekend now :

– wake up around 9/10

-skip washing my teeth, just wash face and body

-drink a coffee while I check my messages and e-mails

– go to the gym for an hour

– buy groceries (only for the cases where I do not have what I need at home)

– go out for a coffee or beer, meet some friends

– cook some food for the night and the next day

– watch some Netflix or HBO GO / go to a bar, then to a club

– go to bed at 1/2 am / come back home drunk in the morning, and go to sleep at 5/6 am

There are cases when I just stay at home and watch some movies, or I go to the bar and then the club so here the Saturday night differs, at least on the ending.

Notice how many time I am mentioning alcohol, primarily beer? I said I do not like alcohol, but, to be a part of this society and to keep the appearances, I have to have it. I will call it a necessary evil in proper quantities.

This is a day of my weekend now, as a young adult.

How do you spend your weekend?

What exactly is a millenial ?

A person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century.Google

Ok. So we are the young leading generation , also known as millenials. We are the ones in charge of changing the future of the politics, economy, research, development, agriculture, technology.

We are the generation Y ( Gen Y ). Basically, we are born between the early ’80’s and early 2000s. One thing that defines us is the Information Age.

Information Age, also known as Computer Age is a historic period defined by the rapid growth of technology and industry. Access to information was at a few click away, the digital world was being born and a digital revolution was happening. The internet !

Information storage was no longer limited to notes in a book, notebooks and paper words. We were experiencing Data storage , CD-ROM and Floppy Disks.

Even though at first they were created for information and research purpose, Compact Disks (CD) and Floppy Disks were also being used for data storage, driver updates and things that defined our childhood ( music , movies , games). It was so easy to have access to a game just by inserting a cd or floppy into your computer and exchange music or movies with friends.

Games, computers, floppy disks, CDs, music, movies, digital books… Sounds great right?

Not really..

I noticed a slight change in my early years. Having access to all these new and exciting were making me pay less attention to the real world. I was not spending that much time outside with my real friends. I made new friends now. I had the programs , games and the music and I felt completed.

I did not suffer of boredom, I did not care of the games we played outside until the sun was down..I did not enjoy going to the beach anymore, despite living close to it (10 – 15 minutes distance).

Why ? Why was this happening? Because the digitalized era was taking a tool on me. And not only me, but everyone else with access to the new technology.

And you know what I regret the most?

I cannot take back those years or change anything. All the hours I spend in front of the computer, not caring for my childhood and what I could have done. I keep noticing the past tense used in the phrase, and it is upsetting.

“Please childhood come back, I want to enjoy you just for a little more time..I am not ready to leave you behind.” – Alex, the millenial.

Unfit introduction

My name is Alexander. I prefer the shorter version “Alex”

I grew up in Romania, in a normal loving family. Since I was a child, I felt like maybe I do not always belong to the same category everyone was part of. I did not have the same thoughts and whenever there was something new, I was intrigued. I wanted more.

More knowledge, more information, more and more.

  • The purpose of this journal is to have something to leave behind, some words, that maybe in time I will forget.
  • We all forget, and I see myself losing little memories that were important to me. They made my day better, they make me feel better and put a smile on my face.
  • I want to share and relate to everyone who is here, because indeed I am a human being and I need feelings.
  • I need to feel alive, I want to learn, I long for sensations and I care for feelings.

Let’s grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the opportunities life gives us.

A few words about me

I enjoy drinking coffee. It is my number one addiction and I cannot live or start my day without it.

After a little caffeine, I like to take both small and long walks in parks, outdoor spaces, explore them and ocasionally climb on rocks.

I recently started gym and I am trying to change my lifestyle, as I tend to just sit and relax whenever I have free time.

What do you enjoy doing?

Have you tried something new in the past few months?

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